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Artist Jim StamperWELCOME! "Jim Stamper Jewelry" stands for hand-pierced unique earrings and pendants made of flattened pre-1965 U.S. silver coins.
Watch how we use dimes and quarters, classic hand tools, and 30 years of experience - seasoned with love for crafts - to make the most beautiful, nature-inspired jewelry.


From coin to jewelry with a jeweler's saw.

Jim's jewelry is made of pre-1965 U.S silver coins of different nominations.About The Making Of Our Jewelry ...

It all  starts with pre-1965 U.S. dimes and quarters. Prior to 1965, these U.S. coin denominations had a high content of silver, which is now perfect for turning them into unique jewelry.

A flattened coin serves as starting material.First, the coins are carefully flattened. You will notice that the flattened coins are not perfectly round or oval. However, as a pair they will have matching resemblance. A true proof of quality craftsmanship.
And if you take a close look at your piece, you can sometimes still see the border of the original coin.

Jim takes the flattened coins and starts to handsaw ... one coin at a time ... to create his unique, precious master pieces... 

Jim Stamper's work is inspired by animals and nature. One of Jim Stamper's cat designs.  
From coin to jewelry with a jeweler's saw. Finally, each piece is carefully polished and assigned to its final purpose of being an earring, a pendant, or a bracelet.

We guarantee our craftsmanship.



We'll assist you to find the perfect pair of earrings or pendant, or talk to us about your very own ideas for a unique, hand-crafted art piece, made in NH.

Did you came to our website because of our Alaskan inspired sculptures and knives, made of fossilized walrus tusk and teeth and mammoth tusk? Visit us in our Skagway, Alaska, shop, or contact us to discuss how we can turn your Alaskan art dream into reality.

Hand-crafted Damascus steel knife Just some of Jim Stamper's earring designs. Alaskan inspired carvings, using fossilized material.

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